Swing 스윙

하빈은 런던의 The Royal Academy of Music에서 공부했으며, 최고연주자과정을 취득 및 우수한 성적으로
그녀는 <The Witches>(West Yorkshire Playhouse), <Cynthia’s Girls>(Cambridge Corn Exchange), <Bend it like
Beckham>(웨스트엔드), <Privates On Parade>(Theatre Royal, Brighton), <The Thing About Tom>, <Election
Idol>, <Ringside>(이하 Birmingham Repertory Theatre), <Poise The Musical>, <Britains Got Bhangra>(Rifco
Theatre Company), <Arrange That Marriage>(영국 투어), <Beauty and The Beast>와 <Aladdin> (이하 The
Cheltenham Everyman)에서 공연했다. 또한 <Salma in The Cereal Café>(The Other Palace)의 워크샵에
참여했으며, <Doctors>, <Brit Asia>, <The Discovery Channel>, <Dispatches>, <Lee Nelson’s Well Good
Show>(BBC)와 같은 다양한 TV 프로그램에도 출연했다.
하빈은 ARAM 상을 수상했으며, 영국 왕립음악원의 전문학사 학위를 받았다.

Harveen trained at The Royal Academy of Music, London. She graduated with distinction and DipRAM for Excellence.

Theatre includes: The Witches (West Yorkshire Playhouse); Cynthia’s Girls (Cambridge Corn Exchange); Bend it like Beckham (West End); Privates On Parade (Theatre Royal, Brighton); The Thing About Tom, Election Idol, Ringside (Birmingham Repertory Theatre); Poise The Musical; Britains Got Bhangra (Rifco Theatre Company) and Arrange That Marriage (UK Tour); Beauty and The Beast and Aladdin (The Cheltenham Everyman).

Workshops include: Salma in The Cereal Café (The Other Palace)

Television include: Doctors, Brit Asia, The Discovery Channel, Dispatches and Lee Nelsons Well Good Show (BBC).

Harveen has been awarded an ARAM award and made an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music.