Ensemble 앙상블

레뮤얼은 The Hammond School와 Guildford School of Acting에서 공부했으며, 2016년에 졸업했다.
그는 <Priscilla, Queen of the Desert> (Queens Theatre, Hornchurch)의 Miss Understanding/Jimmy 역, <The
Hundred and One Dalmations>(Birmingham Rep Theatre)의 Lucky 역 등을 연기했으며, <Boxed>(The Vaults),
<One Love: The Bob Marley Musical>(Birmingham Rep Theatre), <Ragtime>(Charing Cross Theatre/ Off West
End Awards Best Musical Production 수상작)과, 그가 창립 멤버로 있는 Simply See Production이 에든버러
프린지에서 2014/15년 첫 막을 올린 <Below the Breadline>과 <Different Windows> 등 다수의 작품에 참여했다.
이 밖에도, 인터랙티브 애니메이션 시리즈인<The Unblinding>에 오리지널 캐스트로 참여했고, <Yarico: The
Musical> 워크샵 참여 및 BBC <The Voice> (Season 2)에서 Jessie J와 Will.i.am.에게 멘토링을 받고 결승까지
진출하는 등 다양한 방면으로 활동하고 있다.

Lem trained at The Hammond School and Guildford School of Acting graduating in 2016.

Theatre credits include: Miss Understanding/Jimmy in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Queens Theatre, Hornchurch); Lucky in The Hundred and One Dalmations (Birmingham Rep Theatre); Boxed (The Vaults); One Love: The Bob Marley Musical (Birmingham Rep Theatre); Ragtime (Charing Cross Theatre, winner of Best Musical Production at the Off West End Awards); Below the Breadline, Different Windows (both original works that premiered at Edinburgh Fringe in 2014-15 with Simply See Productions, a company of which he is a founding member).

Other credits include: the original cast of The Unblinding, an interactive animation series; Yarico: The Musical (Workshop).

Lem was also a finalist on BBC’s The Voice (Season 2) where he was mentored by Jessie J and